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Your bag for mine

The smartest way to enjoy Fashion through the Exchange of Bags

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Change the Bags that you do not use, for others that you like more and with a single click. Welcome to the Age of Fashion Sharing!


Get a new Bag for every occasion, be it for a party, an event, a trip, a meeting, a romantic date ...


Reuse is a good way to extend the life of an item and to contribute to the care and sustainability of the environment.


You will have access to thousands of free Bags and you will no longer have the need to buy, so you will save a good amount of money while still enjoying Fashion

Why buy a Bag when you can have them all?

We are a Fashion Sharing Movement that shares the same passion for Fashion and with BagBag we manage to enjoy new Bags by exchanging them in an intelligent, sustainable and free way.


1- Upload your Bags

Upload photos of the Bags that you no longer use and create your wardrobe in BagBag to be able to change them for others that you like more.

2- Find your ideal Match with just one click

You can send and receive requests from other users who are close to you and who want to exchange their Bags for yours.

3- Make the change

When you find your ideal Match you can meet your new friend and make the change. That easy!


User reviews

What they say about BagBag



I already changed 3 Bags from my wardrobe that I did not use for others that I love, It is certainly a great app to have new Bags and in turn contribute to the environment.



I find it an ideal application to renew my Wardrobe for free. It reminds me of Tinder but of Bags;)



I am doing great BagBag because for my work I must always be renovating my wardrobe and in this way I can find new Bags and without spending money.


Thousands of Bags are waiting for you

Download the app for free at:

Use tips

For the Community to work properly, follow these tips:



Upload the photos of your Bags with the highest quality and detail. The more beautiful they are, the more options for change!


You can make exchanges indefinitely or temporarily


Upload those Bags that are in good condition. No one wants a damaged or broken Bag!


At BagBag no user pays with Money, This is a Bag Exchange Community.


Talk and ask what you need with total calm and respect with your new friends.


You can contact us for any questions or suggestions you have.

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